Season Paradise

Season Paradise

Nestled amongst the breezy palm trees on the beachfront of a quaint yet colourful island called Thulusdhoo, is an affordable oasis of fun and relaxation known as Season Paradise. Season Paradise offers its guests an authentic castaway experience while retaining the comforts of modern-day life.


Season Paradise is a 4-star luxurious property with 48-rooms and 5 different room types to suit the needs of a wide range of travellers. Our rooms feature hand-picked accents that bring natural light into the rooms to create a sense of calm and relaxation. Catch the most stunning views of the surf breaks and sunsets from the infinity pool on the rooftop. The property also has an event hall available suitable for hosting small business conferences as well birthday parties for children. Also, the hotel comes with an in-house spa, gym and a watersports centre featuring a wide array of activities for guests to partake in.


At the cornerstone of Season Paradise is a gastronomic delight offered by our very own at Aveli Restaurant and Grill. The restaurant has an indoor and outdoor seating area and serves both buffet and a la carte options ranging from intercontinental to Maldivian specialities. Be sure to join us for an exciting dinner with a special BBQ buffet every Friday night.

We are committed to delivering and conveying exceptional services and experiences to our guests, by continuously improving our product and creating enduring relationships, by always recognizing and acknowledging our employees’ contributions and involvement, and by ensuring we are responsible, conscientious, trustworthy, and dependable

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Located 25 minutes away from the Maldivian Capital city of Male’, Thulusdhoo is a small local island with a population of under 2000 people. It was originally known as an industrious island, known for its manufacture of bodu beru (Big drums used in Maldivian traditional music), Salted fish warehouse and today it houses the only coca cola factory in the world where the drinks are made from desalinated water. They also provide desalinated water to the locals of the island.

Tourism in Thulusdhoo was only recently established with the approval to open guest houses on the island. In 2008, the first guest houses started operating on the island. Today, there are some 30 guest houses fully operating on the island and further plans to build more.

Cast away in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, most people imagine Maldives as a luxury destination that caters only to the richest. Which has been partly true for years. However, with the introduction of local tourism and promotion of local sports, Maldives and its natural and hidden wonders are starting to take notice. Thulusdhoo is one such island known for world-renowned surf spots, which has made the island a haven for surfers.

Some of the best surf spots include:

Cokes: Cokes is one of the most famous surf spots in the Maldives and is the islands local break. Sitting just off the main island it’s an easy paddle to get out into the lineup – but it depends on the swell of course!

Chickens: Sat just across the channel from Cokes and just a few minutes boat transfer from Thulusdhoo is Chickens – one of the most fun left handers in the Maldives. Breaking over a deeper reef than Cokes it’s much more playful, but when the swell rolls in get ready for some carveable walls, small barrel sections and some super long rides.

Jail breaks: Breaking off another local island, Himmasfushi, Jailbreaks is another firm favourite in the Maldives surf spot hit list.

It is much less daunting than Cokes, Jailbreaks offers some really long right handers which start along the shallow reef and run along the island into the deeper channel. A great option when some of the other spots are getting a bit crowded.

Sultans: Sultans surf spot thulusdhoo island maldives surf guide surfing. Alongside Cokes this is another world class right hander, breaking off an uninhabited island just across from the famed Pasta Point and close to Himmafushi.

Honkys: Paddle up past the peak of Sultans and you’ll find Honkys – which is basically the left hand version of Sultans! Same deal here, although Honkys is usually a longer ride than Sultans and less busy too.

Ninjas: For those looking for a more playful wave,  the 20 minute boat trip from Thulusdhoo to Ninjas offers up some really fun right handers and is a favourite for intermediate surfers and longboarders too.