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You can learn all about visa and arrival procedure on Maldives immigration website. Click here.

Please visit Maldives customs website to learn more about prohibited items. Click here.

Yes. Maldives is a 100% muslim country and thus follows all customs and rules of Islam. With a predominately Muslim faith, Maldivians are quite conservative and wear traditional dress. Guests must also be modestly covered while swimming at the beaches on the mainland unless swimming at a designated bikini beach.

  • No alcohol is allowed in any local islands
  • No pork or products of pork are allowed on any local islands

No. Alcohol is strictly prohibited on all locally inhabited islands. It is also forbidden to bring alcohol on the island and will be confiscated if bottles were found in a suitcase at the airport. This is a strict Maldivian regulation that must be followed by everyone. However, there are available options to go on day trips to resorts or to a floating bar anchored near the local islands where you will be served alcohol.

Yes. There are options to go to on day trips to resorts or to floating bars near the local islands where you can go and get your fix. 

Season paradise is an island hotel located on one of the local islands in the Maldives called, Thulusdhoo. 

Yes. Upon request, we are more than delighted to set up a candle light dinner for our guests by the beach. It can be for any occasion that you may want to celebrate. It will require a charge of $10 per person

Yes, you can. Set up and BBQ dinner can be arranged for a cost of $25.

Yes, room service is available, during set times for the day. 

Yes, you may request a late check-out depending on availability. The times are between 12pm to 4pm and will be charged $30 per room

It is expected that all guests visiting the island will respect the religious customs of the locals and therefore cover up when walking around the island. However, there are designated bikini beaches where guests can enjoy freely.

Yes. The island of Thulsdhoo has a Health-Center with a doctor on call 24 hours a day; in case of urgent matter, patients would be transferred to a Male’ hospital by ambulance speed boat. If you are on a specific medication, we advise you to bring it along with you enough for the whole trip.

Yes, there are multiple small convenience stores around the island where you can get your everyday goods. However, it is a local island with minimal development, so do not expect to get the best brands from the island. If there is something specific, best to bring it along with you.

Yes, as local islands are surrounded by vegetation, insects are to be expected. Best to be prepared with some mosquito repellent creams/sprays.

Maldives have their own currency called Dhivehi Rufiyaa, but USD is readily accepted in all tourist accommodations. (USD 1 = RF 15.42) However, it would be ideal to have some amount converted to Rufiyaa for your use around the island, for example in local shops.

Maldivians converse using a language of their own called, Dhivehi. They have their own alphabet as well. Maldives have a high percentage of literacy level and English is commonly spoken as a second language by majority of the population. 

Thulusdhoo is a 25 minute speedboat ride away from the International airport

Duration = 25 mins direct 

Cost for an Adult = $30USD one way

Cost for kids = $15USD one way

There are a few companies running to Thulusdhoo, so your best option will be to chat to your guesthouse or hotel who will easily be able to arrange it for you – and sometimes at a discounted rate too!

The beauty of staying in a local island is that along with the organized tours and activities, there is the freedom to simply do things your own way in your own time. Mingle and chat or play games with the locals, see what’s on at the islands sporting grounds, ride bikes, go for a jog or simply relax in the shade. You can also enjoy activities such as fishing and cook some fresh fish that you catch. In addition to that, you are fortunate to have some of the best surfing spots of Maldives right in front of Thulusdhoo Island. There are other countless sea sports you can take part in, just ask at the reception to arrange the activities for you.

Yes. You can book tranfsers to day to trips to resorts as well as other local islands if you feel like exploring more of the Maldivian islands.

According to Stokedfortravel.com, some of the best surf spots you have access to from Thulusdhoo are as follows,

Cokes: Cokes is one of the most famous surf spots in the Maldives and is the islands local break. Sitting just off the main island it’s an easy paddle to get out into the lineup – but it depends on the swell of course!

Chickens: Sat just across the channel from Cokes and just a few minutes boat transfer from Thulusdhoo is Chickens – one of the most fun left handers in the Maldives. Breaking over a deeper reef than Cokes it’s much more playful, but when the swell rolls in get ready for some carveable walls, small barrel sections and some super long rides.

Jail breaks: Breaking off another local island, Himmasfushi, Jailbreaks is another firm favourite in the Maldives surf spot hit list.

It is much less daunting than Cokes, Jailbreaks offers some really long right handers which start along the shallow reef and run along the island into the deeper channel. A great option when some of the other spots are getting a bit crowded.

Sultans: Sultans surf spot thulusdhoo island maldives surf guide surfing 3Alongside Cokes this is another world class right hander, breaking off an uninhabited island just across from the famed Pasta Point and close to Himmafushi.

Honkys: Paddle up past the peak of Sultans and you’ll find Honkys – which is basically the left hand version of Sultans! Same deal here, although Honkys is usually a longer ride than Sultans and less busy too.

Ninjas: For those looking for a more playful wave,  the 20 minute boat trip from Thulusdhoo to Ninjas offers up some really fun right handers and is a favourite for intermediate surfers and longboarders too.

The best time to visit Thulusdhoo depends on what you are planning for your holiday. Basically are you going to Thulusdhoo to surf, or because you want to visit a local Maldives island?  Your answer will determine when is the best time to visit.

Surf season = March to October

Peak surf season = June to August

Best Season for weather = November to April

Always be mindfull that the surf season doesn’t run on a schedule, so you may well turn up and find it flat – or pumping. Also, the weather although is quite nice all through the year, there are heavy showers from time to time and it is not predictable.

Yes. You can request for it during your booking for your convenience.

Yes, extra bed can be provided upon request during your booking or at the reception upon arrival. It will be chargeable. 

Yes. Generally we do allow outside guests to access the pool depending on availability and occupancy. However, priority is given for the guests staying at our hotel.  
Due to the Covid19 situation and to ensure the safety for our guests at Season Paradise, we would not be allowing outside guests to access our pool area during this time.

Yes, it will always be included unless it’s a room only rate.

A normal booking can include up to 5 rooms maximum. We do have separate offers for group bookings

Reception is open 24 hours to handle all guest enquiries. However, kitchen will be closed after 9:30 pm. 

Booking accommodation has been made easy through the use of OTA’s and our website. You can book with us directly by accessing our book now button on the website, or through Online Travel Agencies such as booking.com, Agoda.

If you have specific requests or would like to know more about our rates, please don’t hesitate to contact us via reservations@seasonparadise.mv