Underwater world in Thulusdhoo, Maldives


Swimming and snorkeling with sea turtles in Indian Ocean.

turtle encounter

Inspiring underwater world, clown fish and anemone. Living among the tentacles of the anemone, the clown anemonefish gains protection from predators—which don’t dare get near the stinging protector. The anemonefish  gets to eat leftovers from the anemone’s meals. The anemone benefits from having the fish around, too. The useful fish nibbles away parasites that bug the anemone.


Marine life is closer than you think. Starfish is commonly found in the tropical waters of Indian Ocean.

sea star

Explore wide range of tropical fish, including Moorish idol while snorkeling in Maldives. Moorish idols are often seen travelling in pairs and in rare instances, small schools. Although it looks elegant and graceful, the Moorish idol can be aggressive toward other fish and will stand its ground in a confrontation.

moorish idol

Blue giant clam spotted in the warm, tropical waters of Indian Ocean. Giant clam lives in symbiosis with algae, which means that both organisms have benefits from the mutual life. Giant clam provides shelter and enough sunlight, while algae provide food via photosynthesis.


Snorkeling or diving? Find your way to admire coral reefs and tropical fish on vacation.


Meet a mooray eel, reef resident in Indian Ocean. Moray eel spends most of its time hidden in the caves and rock crevices on the bottom of the sea. Moray eel has large eyes, but does not see well. It has a good sense of smell, which helps it locate the prey.


Grab your fins and mask, let’s go snorkeling!



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